Grocer Deals – Saving hub

Grocer Deals is a free app designed to help you to find deals and discounts in all the Indian and Asian grocery stores around you in North America. Get the right info that helps you save as you shop, at the right time… all the time… through the device of your choice. And that’s not all. Based on your current location, you can find the stores around you and the deals available at that time… so that you do not miss out on a good deal. In short – save money, save time & effort, shop smart.

Grocer Deals – Vendor hub

Grocer Deals is a unique tool exclusively designed to enable Indian and Asian Grocery stores in North America to grow their business exponentially. With Grocer Deals you will have power to take your business to the next level – high sales, low cost and high returns. By registering with us you will be making a strong move on all areas of strong business growth – at one stroke!

Mulugu Astrology portal is designed on the principles and practices of world famous astrologer Sri Mulugu Ramalingeshwara Vara Prasad Siddanthi based in Hyderabad, India. The Portal provides different services and information like Daily Horoscopes, Online Calendars, Online appointment services, AstologyProducts, online Homas, Astrology and Astro Numerology services, Traditional Horoscope, Match Making, Muhurthaalu and more information related to Astrology.


CRM is reliable application for the automation of customer relationships for travel agencies at all levels. It is designed and developed in two modules like HR module and lead generation module, CRM allows to improve the processes of interaction with customers of travel business, which leads to an increase in the level of loyalty to the company and increase sales. This system automatically perceives which customer is calling, Before the executive attends the phone the CRM system brings forth the customer details on the computer and also indicates what the opportunity of deals is with that particular customer, what the customer had already booked in past and what is the probability of booking in future. it can also shows what all packages/holidays/Flights best suit this customer. Some of the important features are User/Role management, Leave management, Attendance management, Chatting, Online alerts and more functionalities.

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